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Math, PBL, and Google Classroom Oh My!

Recently, my teaching partner and I had reached the end of our graphing unit and it was time to asses their knowledge. However, we were not all that excited about how our "soon-to-be adopted" curriculum wanted to assess their ability to gather data and turn it into a bar, line, and pictograph. So what did we do? We made up our own project, and one that the kids would be excited about gathering data on...SPIRIT DAYS!
Our school encourages our teachers to teach our students using a more blended learning/project based learning approach. Blended learning combines digital methods and traditional teaching methods in which the teacher is present, but the students have more control over the pace in which they learn. Project Based Learning is when students work to answer a question, problem, or challenge over an extended period of time. In addition, because we are incorporating technology into our project we make sure to keep the SAMR Model at the forefront of our minds so that we k…

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