Playing, Led to My Passion, Which Has Given Me a Purpose

I've always wanted to write a blog and I've tossed many ideas around my head trying to think of what readers would be most interested in. Like a "mommy/wife/teacher" blog and the crazy these three roles can cause...yet while there would be a ton to write about, and would probably exhaust readers just reading it, the topic was too broad.

It wasn't until I attended a handful of conferences in EdTech, played with countless apps, began to network with many inspiring people and immerse myself in the field, that I decided on the focus of my blog. Technology is what ignites my fire. It's the thing I've discovered I am most passionate about in learning, doing, and teaching and with that I knew what I should be writing about.

My goal in writing this blog is to share my knowledge of incorporating technology in meaningful ways in the classroom. With a blended learning/project based learning emphasis, I plan to reach a wide audience with information for beginners all the way to the more advanced in hopes that I will encourage, inspire, share, and learn from others in the field of EdTech. Keeping the SAMR model at the forefront, I will work to keep our educators using transformational methods of incorporating technology into the classroom through modifying and redefining current practices, all the while preparing our students for 21st-Century careers. But let's not forget, technology is also fun! As Tony Wagner reminds us in Creating Innovators, playing leads to passions, which gives us a purpose, and I have found my purpose.
Please feel free to give me feedback on topics you want to know more about. The field of technology is constantly changing and the field of education needs us to keep up. Even though my students think of me as a teacher, I have always thought of myself as a "forever student." Let's take this journey together and "forever learn!"


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