She's Crafty!

Although tech is my passion, I am quite crafty as well... Below are some of my creations.

Thanksgiving wreath - I had glitter on me for days. Individual leaves made from poster board and glittered with a spray adhesive. Then glue gunned to a styrofoam wreath mold.

I took a cake class at Michael's Craft Store and learned how to make this!

I love to sew! I made this little dress.

My husband helped me make this. It is a bench for the reading nook in my classroom. We have two in the shape of an L. The fabric is "outdoor furniture" fabric covered over a piece of thick foam and a think piece of wood. Fabric was stapled to the board. Crates are zip tied together.

Lego themed party bags. I was able to get the Lego font and hand colored in the label. The circles on the bags are raised with double-sided circular tape that is raised. Will attach link!


I made this quilt!

Jack-o-Lantern Cake pops!

Lego head cake pop for a Lego themed party.

Christmas cake pops!

Cake pops for my girlfriend's baby shower.

Party favor bag made with two lunch bags, one white and one green. Mini clip also made with a butterfly stamp. Inside was the party favor, which was a make your own potted plant with grass seeds. We also included stuff to make a face on the pot so that the grass would act as the hair.

Student seat cushions for the floor. Made with the flannel tablecloths found at party stores. The ends are made from ribbon.

Mastered the icing rose.
 Snowmen - Double Cake Pops; hat made of rolo and mini oreos. Scarf made of fruit roll ups. Carrot nose was found at Michael's in the cake section. Black dots is black icing that comes in the mini tubes.


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